Josh Bridges for Xendurance: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

July 12, 2016

Xendurance caught up with Josh Bridges at his house where he did a brutal WOD and explained what it’s like to get comfortable with being uncomfortable…

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Rich Froning & Chyna Cho Get Down on Some Strict Movements

June 30, 2016

Chyna Cho recently paid a visit to Rich Froning’s garage where the two did a couplet of dumbbell bench press and strict chin-ups. Who’s ready to see these two compete in Carson in a few weeks?!

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Rich Froning, Josh Bridges, Matt Hewett & Dan Bailey Talk Shit and Throw Down in Rich’s Garage

June 23, 2016

Watching some of the fittest men in the world smash a WOD together in Rich Froning’s garage never gets old…

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You Gotta be Shitting Me! Sara Sigmundsdottir Does Heavy Grace at 220lbs

June 10, 2016

Grace is 30 clean and jerks, and we all know how it feels… It hurts! Sara Sigmundsdottir completed the entire WOD using 220lbs. Seeing this kind of feat is right on that board line of “Pure motivation!” and “I’m quitting CrossFit!”

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Travis Williams Does a Heavy Fran in 2:53

June 10, 2016

What does this heavy version of Fran look like? 135lb thrusters and chest to bar pull ups. Think about how brutal that combo is… Now realize what you’re watching: Travis Williams finishing the WOD in 2:53. Un. Fucking. Believable!

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Froning, Bridges, and Baily Throw Down in the Garage

June 09, 2016

Watch Rich Froning and Josh Bridges partner up for the CrossFit main site WOD from June 7, 2016. Dan Bailey and Matt Hewett also join in the fun as the four throw down in Rich’s garage.

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Did Dmitry Klokov Just do the Heaviest WOD Ever?

May 23, 2016

The beast just continues to amaze us… Dmitry Klokov filmed himself doing a metcon that would put most of us in the grave! Just watch!

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Jacob Heppner does 20 Rounds of Chest-to-Bar Mary

May 09, 2016

Jacob Heppner ups the ante of the popular girl workout Mary with chest to bar pull ups and still manages to bang out 20 rounds in 20 minutes. What a beast!

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Watch Ben Smith, Austin Mallelo, and Spencer Hendel do all 6 2013 Regionals Workouts in 30 Minutes

May 02, 2016

Well, this is f*cking insane… What a couple of beasts!

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Chyna Cho Talks us Through Tommy V

April 26, 2016

Chyna Cho recently stopped by CrossFit HQ where she talks us through a blazing fast Tommy V, completed in just 7:25.

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Xwerks Presents: 3 Brothers, 1 WOD – Alex, ZA, and Jacob Anderson do Heavy Amanda

April 18, 2016

We know it’s bad form to call a female “heavy”, but sometimes we go against the grain… Watch brothers Alex, ZA, and Jacob Anderson smash Amanda at 185lbs!

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Nick Bloch Does Grace in 59 Seconds! Or Does He…?

April 14, 2016

Nick Bloch totally Josh Bridges-ed 30 clean and jerks. If CJ Martin was his judge maybe he could have gotten away with this, but if Adrian Bozman was on hand there would have been a lot of “No reps” being yelled in a Canadian accent.

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Rich Froning’s Running WOD with Chris Hinshaw

April 12, 2016

Chris Hinshaw from CrossFit’s aerobic capacity specialty course drops some awesome knowledge while he puts Rich Froning through a WOD that he describes as “not a cream puff workout.”

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Emily Abbott Destroys Isabel in 1:15

April 03, 2016

Emily Abbott did 30 snatches for time at the CrossFit headquarters in Nor Cal and talked us through the benchmark WOD as she destroyed Isabel in just 1:15.

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Ben Smith Does CrossFit Main Site WOD for Feb. 23, 2016

February 22, 2016

Watching the Fittest Man on Earth throw down at his local box never gets old… Here’s Ben Smith crushing the Main Site WOD for Feb. 23rd, 2016.

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Noah Ohlsen Does CrossFit Main Site WOD for Feb. 18, 2016

February 17, 2016

CrossFit HQ has been cranking out videos of top Games athletes doing main site WODs lately, and we ain’t mad at ‘em! Here’s Noah Ohlsen throwing down at Deuce in SoCal…

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Julie Foucher Does a WOD for CrossFit’s Newly Designed Main Site

February 16, 2016

Two awesome things in one title… CrossFit HQ has finally redesigned their Website, and Julie Foucher throwing down for the cameras! We’re sold!

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Prepare to be Impressed… Zack Ruhl’s Jaw-Dropping Tabata Songs WOD

February 12, 2016

Tabata Songs teamed up with Zack Ruhl for an insane workout showing off one of their new funk tracks along with eight examples of Zack’s insanely impressive feats of strength and stability. Wow…just wow!

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Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Does Fran in 1:53

February 07, 2016

Not only did CLB do Fran in 1:53, but she did it at 8,000ft altitude… Ouch.

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Dan Bailey Does a Main Site WOD (With Voice Over Play by Play Commentary)

February 07, 2016

Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of a top level CrossFit Games athlete when they are in the middle of a WOD? CrossFit HQ has you covered with this new video where Dan Bailey talks you though the entire workout with a play by play voice over.

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Brooke Wells Does Grace at 155lbs… And Still Beats Your Time

February 07, 2016

We all know Grace and how quickly she can make you question your life. And we all probably know our own PR on the WOD. Well keep all that in mind while watching 20 year old Brooke Wells smash the workout with 155lbs on the bar.

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Emily Bridgers, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Stacy Tovar WOD in the Bahamas

February 01, 2016

The entire Reebok team recently spent some time in the Bahamas for their annual Athlete Summit so CrossFit HQ caught up with them to document one of their WODs made up of bar muscle ups and push jerks. Who is your money on?

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One Post, Two Frans…

January 13, 2016

CrossFit HQ recently posted two different videos of people doing Fran… One is Henry Sailes doing a blazing fast 1:53 Fran (the normal way), and the other is a painful looking dumbbell thruster and l-sit pull up Fran from HQ staff member Brad Hoffeld while getting coached by Greg Glassman.

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5min Squat Battle – Powerlifter vs. Strongman vs. Cyclist

January 11, 2016

Five men face off on a five-minute squat challenge… Three powerlifters, a strongman competitor, and a cyclist all use their bodyweight on a barbell and do as many unbroken squats as possible while a clock is running. Who’s your money on?

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