Team Dynamix Smashing 16.4 – 15 Photos

March 20, 2016

Our buddy Michael Wright was in New York this weekend and got to meet up with Andrea Ager, Becca Day, Chris Harris, coach Justin Cotler, and the rest of Team Dynamix while they did this week’s CrossFit Open workout. Here are 15 photos from the pain known as 16.4!

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Photos by Michael Wright. | | @gritsweatlovephoto on Instagram


CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-02 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-03 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-04 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-05 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-06 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-07 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-08 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-09 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-10 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-11 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-12 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-13 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-14 CrossFit-Open-16-4-Team-Dynamix-15

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