The Elephant in the Room – Several Athletes Withdrew from the CrossFit Games

July 27, 2015

Injuries are bound to happen in any sport, and CrossFit is no different. Unfortunately a handful of athletes had to withdraw from the Games this year including Annie Thorisdottir, Neal Maddox, and Chad Mackay. Just us? Or is it a little strange that HQ didn’t say much about this during the event?


Annie Thorisdottir (heat exhaustion)
Instagram Photo

I came into the Games in the best shape of my life – unfortunately, due to health concerns, I have had to withdraw from the Games this year.

I overheated during Murph suffering a combination of dehydration and heat injury. I was able to finish out Friday, but yesterday my body still wasn’t responding in the right way. I pushed through each event hoping to get my power back, but it didn’t happen.

I have enjoyed every second of being here even though it did not end the way, I wanted it to.

I so appreciate all the support from everyone around me and in the stance. You guys make the experience of competing that much better!
I plan on coming back even stronger next year!



Chad Mackay (fractured rib)
Instagram Photo

This is definitely not the way I wanted to finish my @crossfitgames 2015 season. It is with a heavy heart that I will be withdrawing from competition.
I have unfortunately fractured my first rib. The fracture occurred during Heavy DT. It was on my last Push Jerk of the second round. I heard a loud crack and knew something wasn’t right. I tried my hardest to continue completing another 12 deadlifts. I then tried to Hang Clean and realized I couldn’t continue. The good news is, these things heal with time and there is no permanent damage. Thank you to the wonderful medical team for taking great care of me.
@crossfit has changed my life. Competing at the CrossFit Games has been an absolute honor. I will treasure the experience and the memories for the rest of my life.
Thank you for making my dreams come true.



Joe Scali (torn bicep tendon)
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I had to withdraw. I felt something pop in my left arm on the pull-ups during Murph. As the day went on it got worse, but I tried my best to keep it warm and give heavy DT a go. After the attempted hand stand walk I could no longer raise my left arm so I went directly to the medical team. They said it’s probably a bicep tendon tear and it will get worse if I keep trying to go on. I really wanted to stay in it for tomorrow’s Yoke event but it hurts to even run. I would like to thank all my family and friends who came out here to support me, and all the support from back home. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get this…



Maddy Myers
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As many of you have already noticed, I had to withdraw from the Games yesterday night. It is never an easy decision to make, but I was not medically sound enough to continue. We tried everything in our power to stabilize my body, but after over three hours in medical, and no success, it was time to call it. As hard as this decision was I am comfortable knowing that this is just the beginning for me in the sport of CrossFit.



Dani Horan (back and neck complications)
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The last 2.5 weeks have been tough ones. Last night I made one of the hardest decisions of my life, to withdraw from the @crossfitgames competition. On July 3rd I received a bar overhead funny and strained my neck. I thought nothing of it aside from the fact that I had strained some neck muscles and was tight. Fast forward to July 9th, I woke up and my entire left arm was numb almost with no function, unable to do a push-up or pull-up. After two days of intense pain and not sleeping I went to the ER on the 11th to get an MRI, which showed I had an extruded disc at C6-C7 along with other findings. Despite what every doctor told me, I wanted to fight and try to be able to compete. My training has been very limited – While I knew this wasn’t ideal I was hopeful I would begin to regain feeling and function in my arm in time to still compete. This has unfortunately not happened and after sitting down with numerous doctors I’ve decided that it isn’t worth competing in what is already a severely hindered state only to risk turning an injury that should heal with time into something that will need surgery. I’ve never worked harder than this past year, and truly felt the fittest I’ve ever been. I know I’ve been doing the right things to make me the best athlete I can be, so for now I’ll be looking to next year to continue building on what I have and come back stronger than ever. It’s really hard for me to swallow.



Miranda Oldroyd on Team Nor Cal (torn ACL)
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Today was a very emotional day at the @crossfitgames. One of our teammates @crossfitmiranda suffered an ACL tear. Our team moved on and crushed! This is a picture of us finishing a Big Bob sprint with 5 athletes. We are currently in 3rd overall (had to take a 0 today on an event) and hopefully we will be able to compete with our 5 healthy athletes tomorrow.
– Jason Khalipa



Neal Maddox (torn hamstring) and Kevin Simons also withdrew, but we couldn’t find anything on their social media account explaining more and since we aren’t actual journalists, that’s all your getting from us.



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