The Fittest Motorcycle Tour in History

January 12, 2016

Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, and Dave Castro cover more than 2,000 miles on Triumph motorcycles and hit a bunch of affiliates along the way. Unfortunately this 38 minute “documentary” was wildly disappointing. We still watched it because we are nerdy super fans, but nothing interesting happened and it wasn’t put together very well. We wouldn’t even consider it a documentary…it’s more like a bunch of homies went on a trip and had another homie tag along with a camera to slap a quick video together after the fact.

In this video, CrossFit Games veterans Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, James Hobart and Josh Bridges join Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro and X Games gold medalist Lance Coury for an epic ride from Placentia, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The journey leads the six riders through six states in six days, with four of them on motorcycles supplied by Triumph ( Along the way, they cover 2,260 miles of open highway and dirt roads.

Following Castro’s ambitious schedule, they rise at 6 a.m., ride a few hundred miles, stop to work out at an affiliate or two and then set up a campsite for the night. The timeframe for the trip is tight, but they still manage to mingle and sweat with members of the CrossFit community at 10 different affiliates across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. At every box, athletes of all ages line up to take photos with the riders.

The trip is grueling—even for seasoned CrossFit Games athletes who are familiar with tough challenges. Hobart jokes about the name of their tour: “It doesn’t say CrossFit Moto Fun Tour. It says CrossFit Moto Grind Your Ass Into Nothingness, Get up Every Day at 6 a.m. Tour.”

Most of the riders make it the full distance, riding in sunshine or rain and sleeping under the stars. They practice wheelies, cook over campfires and manage to break a drone before the adventure is over.

“It’s good,” says Castro. “We’re putting in strong days, we’re getting some workouts in, long days on the bike, epic riding. I’m enjoying the shit out of it.”

Video by Jordan Gravatt.

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