Virus Releases KL1 Active Recovery Pants Developed by Kenny Leverich

March 28, 2016

Virus team athlete Kenny Leverich is known for wearing pants while training, so helped develop a new pair of pants from the ankle to the waist. Check out Virus’ video here and read more about the new KL1 Active Recovery Pant…

Available now at the Virus website for $88.

Press Release:


Huntington Beach, CA – March 2016 – On March 28th, VIRUS Performance will debut their newest and most highly anticipated training product. The company recently partnered with renowned CrossFit athlete, Kenneth Leverich, to provide a comfortable, all-purpose training pant – the KL1 Active Recovery Pant.

“We greatly value the relationships with our athletes in various sports,” said Eugene Yasutomi of VIRUS Marketing. “Being able to work with Kenneth really helped us hone this product because of his strong creativity and immense passion – we are honored to have the opportunity to work alongside him.”

Leverich, who grew up in Orange County, played football and rugby at Newport Harbor High School. In 2011 he went on to start his CrossFit career, placing 3rd in the world during the 2012 CrossFit Open and went onto compete in his first of many runs at the well-known CrossFit Games. He has since continued his career in the sport and has achieved being a three-time CrossFit Games veteran – receiving 1st in the SoCal Regionals in 2014. He is also the star on the Grid League’s LA Reign. He currently owns and operates Orange Coast CrossFit in Costa Mesa, CA, where he also trains and coaches full time.

Designed to be used in both training as well as casual wear, the KL1 Recovery Pant was specially constructed with an all-new 100% concentrated BioCeramic fabric that is both durable and flexible. The KL1 is a comfortable pant that was created to be able to handle intense training on a daily basis.

“We put a lot of careful thought into every detail of this piece and spent months perfecting it with several tests by our Vteam to create this type of training pant,” said Yasutomi.  “We are extremely proud of the end result and expect this to be very well received by athletes for use in even the most vigorous training. We encourage everyone to check it out and experience it firsthand.”

For more information about VIRUS Performance and the newest products, visit or find them on Facebook.\

Kenny Leverich Workout Pants


Founded in 2010, VIRUS uses the most advance fabric technology to create athletic apparel that elevates athletic ability to the highest potential.  Using the earth’s natural resources, VIRUS created fabrics that provide ultimate cooling, warming, and recovery benefits.  Paired with an innovative anatomical design, compression technology, and revolutionary comfort and feel, one can have the confidence of knowing that they are wearing the best athletic apparel to support their passion.

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