Week One: The Bullet Point Open Takes No Prisoners

January 09, 2017

Week One:  The Bullet Point Open Takes No Prisoners

It is poetic justice that the hottest competition of the Winter comes from frigid depths of Wisconsin, The Bullet Point Open.

The annual Bullet Point Competition season is kicked off by the huge online competition, aptly named the Bullet Point Open.  The Bullet Point Open is a 3 week International online event, drawing athletes from around the globe!  This year, the Bullet Point Open kicked off January 1st, with the competitors throwing down through January 22nd to see who will take home the top prizes.  The Bullet Point Open will test athletes with four workouts, drawing from the following categories:  The Endurance, The Hopper, The Sprint, and The Strength.


Red Dead Revolver WOD Announcement and Definitions 


The 2017 Bullet Point Competition week 1 kicked off with a bang as the athletes took on The Endurance Event which was named “Red Dead Revolver” sponsored by Paragon Fitness and Nutrition.  This workout did not only test the athletes endurance but also tested the athletes skill set as they maneuvered the unique format of this WOD. Strategy and time management was key in this workout to maximize the athlete’s score.

719 athletes, ranging in ages from 4 to 63, threw down on “Red Dead Revolver” this past week at 55 different affiliates/gyms around the country.  The results were astounding as some of the high scores were off the charts. Dylan Martin of Cedar Rapids CrossFit topped the Men’s Rx division with a huge 649 reps. 

In the Ladies Rx division there was a tie between Brooke Michael of CrossFit Dubuque and Jenna Sanders of Ignite Fitness who both posted 371 reps to finish at the top of the Women’s Rx division.  

The only thing more surprising that some of the scores was the Teen division who saw a score of 631 in the Teen division from Josiah Welch, a member of CrossFit Manitowoc.  

Also in the Kid division a monster score was posted by Cassie Jerich of A1 CrossFit with 526 reps.

WODcast Leaderboard: http://score.bulletpointcompetition.com/

2017 Bullet Point Open as WODs 2 and 3 were announced Sunday evening!

WOD 2 - The Hopper Event “Zombieland Survival Rule #20” WOD Announcement

Sponsored by Boxstar Apparel


WOD 3 - The Strength Event “The HVIIIful Eight” WOD Announcement 

Sponsored by HVIII Brand Goods


Bullet Point Competition is a series of annual fitness competitions, held both in person and virtually. These professionally managed events provide a positive experience for all athletes, from beginner to experienced  Beginners are able to compete in a safe and structured manner, while RX athletes complete in a competitive, regionals level experience . 

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