WODShop.com Holiday Gift Guide For CrossFitters – 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

November 09, 2015

Black Friday is right around the corner, Cyber Monday will be here before you know it, then all of a sudden…BAM! Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas are all up in your face! Don’t be caught with your knee sleeves down. Get ready to do some online shopping in 3, 2, 1…go!

All of the items below are from our friends at WODShop.com. And of course, in addition to these 10 stocking stuffers for the CrossFit lover, they have a ton of other great gift ideas for your loved one or yourself, so hop on over there and get that mouse ready for a 20 minute clicking AMRAP.


1. Iron Club Liquid Chalk ($12.99)
We all use chalk on the daily, so keeping some mess-free liquid chalk in your gym bag is always a good idea. This stuff lasts the entire lifting session and won’t leave dust all over your bag or the floor.

Liquid Chalk


2. T-Shirt ($9.99-$30)
We know most CrossFitters don’t even wear shirts in the gym, but sometimes we have to go places where our torso needs to be covered, so what better way to cover that perfectly sculpted body than a shirt from one of your favorite functional fitness companies?Shirt


3. Goat Tape ($5.99)
Whether you want to wrap your wrists, your thumbs, or make badass dangly arm tassels like the Ultimate Warrior, Goat Tape has you covered, and unlike regular tape that’s just sticky, Goat tape is really extra super sticky. That’s a lot of sticky.

Goat Tape
4. Shaker Bottle ($6.99)
There’s been a lot of research on this and it’s a well documented fact that no athlete can ever have too many shaker cups.

Shaker Bottle
5. Strength Wraps ($25)
Wrist wraps are a staple in every gym bag, but sometimes they get sweaty and start to smell like ass, so having two pairs is not a bad idea, especially if you’re into matching your CrossFit accessories with your shorts and shoes. Nobody likes clashing accessories.

Strength Wraps
6. Jump Rope ($24.95)
Whether you’re already a master at double unders or still trying to figure them out, a fresh new cable rope will always do a body good.

Jump Rope
7. Callus Remover ($4.99)
Hand care is serious business in the CrossFit gym. Let’s face it, if you rip you might have to take a rest day. And when you take a rest day you go crazy. And when you go crazy you sneak into your neighbor’s house through the dog door and steal house plants. And when you sneak into your neighbor’s house and steal house plants you are labeled a “criminal” by society and put in jail for 30-60 days pending good behavior. Don’t go to jail. Just buy a callus remover.

Callus Remover
8. RIPT Skin Systems Hand Repair Kit ($21.95)
In the event that you rip your hands, take a rest day, and DON’T go to jail, you’ll want a way to take care of your meaty paws. RIPT will help get you back in the box and on the bar before you can say, “What would Froning do?”

9. WOD Book ($14.99)
You can use a WOD book in many different ways. You can track your workouts, benchmarks, and PRs, draw cute little cartoons, or use the resources in the book such as the pound to kilogram conversion chart and movement standards.

10. Lacrosse Ball ($2.99)
Lacrosse balls are like a little old Thai lady that you keep in the side compartment of you gym bag… These little ladies are ready to give you a deep tissue massage any time you’re feeling sore. Go ahead and buy three of these and tape two together so you have an individual ball and a double “peanut” ball.

Lacrosse Ball

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