Your Excuse Is Invalid – FitAID’s Inspiring Adaptive Athlete Video

July 23, 2015

Beautiful camera work, powerful stories, and pure inspiration… In the midst of watching the best athletes in the world throw down at the CrossFit Games this week it’s refreshing to see something like this pop up to give us all a reality check.

FitAID: STORIES OF RECOVERY #2 – I Am Adaptive and Team Some Assembly Required

The second installment in our “Stories Of Recovery” series focuses on the adaptive athlete movement, a global initiative spearheaded by I AM ADAPTIVE™, a non-profit organization founded by adaptive athletes striving to raise awareness for the adaptive movement, and Team Some Assembly Required (Team SAR), a veteran founded and operated project comprised of adaptive athletes and their supporters dedicated to the growth and expansion of competitive adaptive sports across multiple disciplines. 

Launching just in time for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit ® Games, now is the time to help us raise world wide awareness of the adaptive athlete movement. Spread the message and support this monumental cause!

Filmed and edited by Donnie Wagner


I AM ADAPTIVE™ is structured around 3 mission goals to promote the knowledge, acceptance & integration of the Adaptive Community on a global scale – I Am Adaptive is defining the way the world views “Adaptation” as it works to eliminate the words “Handicapped” & “Disabled” from socially accepted language. **I Am Adaptive is the Official Non-Profit Organization of FitAID**

Team Some Assembly Required (Team SAR) was founded by Dale King and Derick Carver, both of whom are former US Army officers, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and CrossFit Affiliate owners. 

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I Am Adaptive

Team Some Assembly Required

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