One Athlete, One Coach, One Custom Program


Individual Remote Coaching

The Break Parallel community of coaches share an athlete centered philosophy, which prioritizes your training and goal achievement all while optimizing physical and mental strength.   


Break Parallel Remote Coaching is designed for every athlete to succeed.  Whether you are a CrossFit athlete seeking the podium, a masters athlete looking to adapt your training, or a busy parent juggling fitness and busy schedules, your coach will program an online, personal training plan and provide knowledgeable, supportive coaching tailored exclusively for your success.   

Expert Coaching

Knowledgeable and caring coaches that produces elite athletes and transforms fitness enthusiasts alike.

No Contracts

Individual Remote Coaching is Low Risk!  No Membership Contracts, Cancel Anytime!

Perfectly Paced – Goal Oriented

Your program will progress you in a safe and healthy way, designed specifically for you to achieve your goals.

Personalized Fitness Tracking

We deliver a web-based remote coaching experience with enhanced communication, data analytics, video review assessments and more!

One-on-One Communication

Direct access and regular communication with your coach will ensure your program develops as you progress.

Remote Training on Your Schedule

No class time, no problem. Our programming designed for you to make your workout time most effective.

How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Coach.

    No two athletes are the same, and neither are any two coaches, choose the expert coach you feel best aligns with your goals.

  2. Choose Your Program.

    Three unique program options are available, all offer custom fitness programs and training in a way which best suits your needs.

  3. Personal One on One with Your Coach.

    Your coach will schedule a personal one on one conversation to learn about your goals, objectives, fitness history and more. Your expert coach will then design your ultimate plan optimized for your success.

  4. Prepare for Game Changing Results!

    Power past your plateaus as you achieve ultimate endurance, functional strength and body sculpting transformation.

Darian Nay

Darian Nay, Coach

  • Head of Coaching and Programming at CrossFit Huntington
  • 3 Time CrossFit Regionals Individual Athlete (2014, 2015, 2016)

I believe in building physical and mental strength in my athletes. Whether you are wanting to improve functional fitness for life or become a high-level competitive athlete, your program will be designed to push your limits, support your dreams, and produce results.  Work hard and have faith.

Travis Young

Travis Youngs, Coach

  • BS in Exercise and Sports Science with a focus in Kinesiology.
  • NASM Personal Training, Sports Performance Coach, Corrective Exercise Certifications
  • CrossFit Level 1

Are you looking for a committed coach who has trained competitive CrossFit athletes seeking the podium, Collegiate track and field athletes looking to perfect their game, as well as busy professionals who desire greater functional fitness. Travis' extensive experience working with clients one-on-one will help him customize a program that meets your specific needs.  

"Travis is an exercise expert, physiological master and has the personality to motivate. He changes lives in a positive manner unlike many that you will meet in your life.”

"Travis relates equally well to elite athletes and casual trainees. He gets my highest recommendation!”

Thomas Nay

Thomas Nay, Coach

  • 3X CrossFit Regionals Individual Competitor, Atlantic
  • 1st Place in 2016 CrossFit Open, MidAtlantic Region
  • Coach, CrossFit Huntington
  • Coaching Mentorship under Olympian Holley Mangold and Jeremy Gordon

When you ask Coach Thomas (Tom) Nay about success in the CrossFit Open, he responds, "It's all about the engine".  Developing the aerobic capacity necessary for success is not easy, but Tom has the experience to lead you there.  Tom also has the technical expertise, having coached CrossFit Regionals and USAW competitors as well as everyday athletes looking for life changing results.  The excellence that Tom strives for will help you as he analyzes your performance, movements and videos to optimize your training for maximize results.

Taylar Stallings

Taylar Stallings, Coach

  • Director of Coaching & Head of Programming: One EW Elite Fitness and Wellness
  • CrossFit Level I, CrossFitFootball
  • Certified AFPA 
  • 2X CrossFit Regionals Individual Competitor (Southeast)
  • NPGL MVP (2014), Best Barbell Specialist (2014), 1st Team All Grid (2014,2015) 
  • World Class Powerlifter, former holder of 10 world records
  • Division I track and field athlete:  shot put, discus, hammer, and the weight throw

Few people have immersed themselves in the world of fitness and competitive athletics like Taylar Stallings.  Her commitment to the athlete may be rooted in her own experience as a collegiate track and field star, but is on display daily as a Director of Coaching and Head of Programming. If you are an athletes looking for a remote coach who understands the path to success, click below to learn more about Coach Taylar.  


Kathy Maio remote coaching nutritionist crossfit athletes

Kathy Maio, Nutritionist

  • Youngstown State University, Bachelors Degree
  • Certified Nutrition Coach of International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
  • Certified & Licensed Nutritionist with Venice Nutrition
  • Certified Personal Trainer: ISSA
  • Nationally Qualified NPC Women’s Fitness Competitor
  • 20 years as a corporate coach 
Kathly Maio is an expert nutritionist and personal trainer who has been helping her clients achieve amazing results. As an avid CrossFitter, she has coached many CrossFit athletes on proper use of nutrition to meet their specific performance goals.  Kathy will design a program 100% aligned with your personal preferences and performance goals. She will coach you to take control of your nutrition so you can be successful.
Emily Breeze

Emily Breeze, Coach

  • 2 Time Crossfit Games Athlete (2014,2015)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor & Mobility Expert
Emily Breeze is one of the top personal trainers in the country and has competed at the highest level of fitness during the CrossFit games. Her programming centers around your individual goals mixed with creativity to push you past your comfort zone. Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

“I was excited by the challenge and intensity of Emily's workouts! I feel much stronger and well rounded. She has definitely helped me UP my game!”