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Break Parallel

CrossFit Athletes and Olympic Lifters Love Break Parallel's Hooks Grips!

The Hook Grips are designed to improve the athletes hook grip, resulting in more reps and greater PRs!

Amazing for Cleans, Snatches, Deadlifts and more!

Made from 100% cotton to offer superior thumb protection and durability.

*If you have sausage fingers, size up. If you have a piano fingers, size down. 

**The Hook Grips might feel tight when first using it, but will relax as it forms to your thumb. 

Save Time and Money! 

Why waste hundreds of dollars a year on expensive tape and take minutes of your valuable workout time to prep you thumbs when all you need to do is Slide,Wrap and Lift!

Slide. Wrap. Lift.

So easy to use! Just slide your thumb into the innovative thumb sleeve, wrap the strap around your wrist, Velcro to hold the strap in place and in 15 seconds, you’re lifting barbells – getting the deepest hook grip and the strongest pull.



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